78 RPM Record Auction


An auction of 78 RPM records
owned by a former D.J.

THIS AUCTION CLOSED ON DECEMBER 31st 1997, however the entire list is being left on-line for reference purposes. The owner intends to add a large amount of previously un-listed discs, and will present another auction with full grading applied to all items, in the spring or summer which will be pre-advertised on the InterNet, Goldmine and DisCoveries magazines and a few other collector journals. Prior to that time, offers will be considered on specific items as noted below. Watch this space for further details and availabilities of the additional discs.

These records are all from the collection of a 1940's D.J. who operated the "dance party" circuit in Toronto Canada. Most of the records are Canadian pressings, of US manufactured original stampers, from a variety of record companies.

Actual condition of each disc has not been verified due to the huge quantity and the owner's request for me to arrange to liquidate his life's collection of records, and a garage full of electronic and other paraphernalia, mostly related to sound and electronics.

If you have an interest in any of the discs, please email a "cut and paste" list of the items to obtain a condition statement. This is important, because the listing details are neeeded to locate the discs within this huge collection in order to report to you on grading. Reasonable offers will be considered by the owner based on a fair and generally accepted value of the specific records, but please observe a minimum of US $2.00 per disc.

GENERAL COMMENTS (Please read carefully!):

The total list is HUGE, so in an effort make it a little easier to navigate, there are five list pages divided alphabetically into...

["A" to "C"]   ["D" to "H"]   ["I" to "Mc"]

["M" to "R"]   ["S" to "Z"]

You can select any of these pages from this same menu on each of the pages and navigate back and forth as you wish.

The column marked "NUMBER" is the record number. The more astute collectors will have to deduce the label name from the artist and record number since the database did not record that useful piece of information! As the database is updated, these missing details will be added.

The column marked "FILE" is a reference to help locate the actual disc in the collection which occupies two walls worth of shelving units, from floor to ceiling.

Those interested in bidding on specific discs are requested to email me with a "cut and paste" list of the items you wish to bid on from the auction list. I will respond with a condition list on those items only, following which your formal bid can be received.

All bids are to be made in USA dollars, winners will have suitable time to remit by money order, or equivalent certified funds, and shipping costs are to be paid by the successful purchaser, FOB Toronto Canada, and can be made by prepaid parcel post or UPS collect for freight cost only.

A "lot" offer on the entire collection will be entertained, but would clearly require some telephone negotiation!

Condition will be given with a limited range of descriptors as follows:

Ex = Excellent, like-new, for practical purposes, unplayed or played on high quality equipment a few times, surface appears bright and clean.

Vg = Very Good, similar to like new, except surface bears scuff marks or light scratches that are not heard upon playing.

Gd - Good, similar to Very Good, except more scuffs and scratches, some of which are lightly audible on playing. (Most discs are this level or above)

F - Fair, similar to Good, except scratches are clearly audible and greying of grooves may be apparent.

P - Poor, similar to Fair, except this record would have been originally bought, taken out of its sleeve, never again to be protected! It's surface is badly scratched all over from edge to label, and the record may play with skip(s). Essentially, this will be almost a junker, but if you don't have it, this may be better than nothing at all!

Records that are cracked will be graded as if the crack didn't exist, but the crack will be noted with a "C".

This auction closed on December 31, 1997


All discs will be exactly as represented or they may be returned, by arrangement, via a prepaid shipment for a refund of the purchase price. No allowance for shipping costs will be considered.

Our assessment of condition will be fair and lean on the conservative side, but it shall be final. A video record of all goods shipped will be made to protect the vendor from any disputes that are not clearly our error.

In other words, please make sure you know what you are bidding on!





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