Get Your Treasures Restored
(How to listen to your favourite recordings again!)


Look through your attic, basement or storage areas to find all the items you would like to have restored. Even if they are dusty and dirty, don't try to clean them... you could do more damage than you think. Careful cleaning, using the right chemicals, is a key part of the audio restoration process. Make a list of each record by artist, label and record number, if any.

Call or E-mail, and let's discuss what you want done, the degree of work that is needed, and get a fixed cost before work starts. There are additional processes that can be applied to old monophonic recordings after the Audio Restoration, such as a realistic sounding (and fully mono compatible) stereo effect, or some additional room reverberation to "liven" up a recording made in a very "dead" studio. Where recordings were originally made under good conditions for the time, the results are often spectacular... but remember, the Audio Restoration process can only deal with what is is the grooves. If there isn't anything to work with, then there is nothing that can be restored, and that can be easily determined in advance.

For shipping, pack recordings carefully between sheets of soft paper towelling, with cardboard box sheets every few records to make a tight package. Wrap the whole thing in bubble plastic wrap, and place in an outer cardboard container, to ensure they will withstand the rigors of the postal service, FEDEX, UPS or the like!

Call or E-mail today to find out how to give your recorded treasures a whole new lease on life!




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