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Record Cleaning Machine


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The legendary Record Cleaning Machine (RCM) manufactured by Keith Monks of England is reborn in the industry leading Mk-5 "Archivist" version, shown for the first time at the 1998 ARSC conference in Syracuse N.Y.

With "state of the art" features, this version of the Monks machine is named "Archivist" because it was designed specifically for institutions and persons, with large and varied record collections. Dealing with shellac based records along with vinyl and lacquer discs, each of which requires it's own specific cleaning chemistry, is now an easy, simple and safe task. The Machine now accommodates up to 16 inch discs.

There are many ways to clean a phonograph record, and countless schemes have been devised for this purpose over the years. None have met the standards of quality and continuous service of the Keith Monks Record Cleaning Machines. They alone have stood the test of time and many that are over 20 years old are still in regular service, with parts and consumables available from stock. The machines have been purchased by Broadcasters, Record companies, Archival Institutions and large collectors worldwide, and integrate with any cleaning chemistry that you may prefer. They remain the proven acknowledged-to-be-safe and easy way to clean phonograph records.

RCM Top View The "Archivist" Record Cleaning Machine (RCM) from Keith Monks has been designed specifically for the needs of the archival institution, library, broadcast company or serious restoration engineers. It provides for two separate cleaning systems which can be applied to a "clean/rinse" or two separate chemistries to clean, for example, shellac or vinyl based phonograph discs. The separate systems prevent possible contamination when changing from one chemistry to another.

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RCM Deck Open Hinged Top Deck latches in the open position and provides easy access to internal components. Changing the buffer thread, replenishing the fluid consumables or disposing of the accumulated waste products becomes a quick and simple task.

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Hand Pumps Two Hand Pumps allow independent precise control of which chemistry is being dispensed, and the amount being fed to the associated brush block. One-way valves in the fluid lines prevent back-up or contamination of the clean chemistry reservoirs.

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Brush Block The Brush Block with a row of holes dispenses a controlled amount of the cleaning chemistry, uniformly along the length of the brush, and the precise dimension nylon bristles work it into the bottom of the record grooves to ensure thorough cleaning. Particles of dirt and debris get carried into solution or suspension by the cleaning chemistry, waiting for the vacuum arm to remove it.

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Vacuum Arm The Vacuum Arm is probably the most important part of the Keith Monks Record Cleaning Machine (RCM). This lightly balanced arm is "driven" across the surface of the record, from the inside-out, in order to follow any excess fluid that may be thrown toward the outside of the disc as the turntable rotates. A tiny piece of thread, fed to the polished nozzle, acts as a clean buffer between the nozzle and the record surface. A vacuum "cone" straddles a number of grooves and literally "inhales" the now dirty cleaning chemistry, removing it from the surface of the disc, cleanly and without leaving any residue.

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Major Features, the "Archivist" Record Cleaning Machine:-

  • Designed specifically for up to 16" transcriptions
  • Two separate fluid dispensing systems
  • Two separate hand pumps for accurate control of fluid application
  • Two separate brush blocks to avoid applying the wrong fluid
  • Powerful turntable allows thorough cleaning of grooves
  • 115 volt 60 Hz design for reliable continuous operation
  • Heavy duty vacuum pump will not overheat with long periods of use
  • Uniquely designed vacuum arm never touches disc surface

    Technical Specifications, the "Archivist" Record Cleaning Machine:-

  • Electrical: 115vac 60 Hz, 0.64 A in wet mode, 2.2 A in dry mode.
  • Maximum standard disc size: 16" transcription or smaller.
  • Rotational speed of turntable: approximately 80 rpm
  • Time taken to clean a disc varies according to the "wet" time allowed, plus...
  • The vacuum arm traverses (dries) a 12" disc in approximately 85 seconds.
  • Pump provides a vacuum of 20 inches of mercury.

  • 19-1/4" wide
  • 10-3/4" high from desk surface plus 3-1/2" for brush block clearance
  • 18-1/8" deep plus clearance for IEC power connector

  • Weight, packed for shipping, is approximately 62 lbs.

    Prices (subject to international exchange fluctuations) for USA or Canada delivery:

    Delivered in USA, clear of US Customs, FOB Buffalo New York,
    USA Dollars: $4,950.00

    Delivered in Canada, clear of Canadian Customs, GST extra, FOB Toronto,
    Canadian Dollars: $5,875.00

    Delivery is estimated 3 - 6 weeks from receipt of order and pre-payment, and is subject to prior orders. Purchase orders will only be accepted from USA or Canada government departments or publically funded institutions, on approved ordering forms.

    Shipments are made by UPS ground service, and freight charges from the FOB point are extra.

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