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Listed here are a variety of companies or individuals who offer supplies and equipment to the Audio Restoration engineer, Library, Archivist, serious record collector, and anyone with an interest in restoring and getting the best quality sound from old recordings, from any source, but primarily from phonograph discs or magnetic tape.

Please contact the companies listed below for more up-to-date information and current prices on any product mentioned. Such information presented here is offered only as a guide, and may not be accurate. Personal comments are those of Graham Newton from personal experience and the reported experience of others.

If you have knowledge of any suppliers you think should be on this list, or any updates relating to those already listed, please email with details. These suppliers are presented in alphabetical order and no recommendation of the specific companies listed here should be implied. Approximate prices are given where known, but it is up to the reader to confirm and satisfy themselves before doing business with any of the following:


Offer a broad range of equipment (the operative word here is "offer").

Numerous recent reports indicate the company may be in trouble. Orders taken by telephone (one of the few times a live body answered!) are not delivered, call messages left on their answering machine about unfulfilled orders are not returned, other times telephones ring-no-answer... all of this during what the outgoing message says is their "regular business hours". Some people report orders given over two years ago for the fabled Keith Monks Record Cleaning Machine, still not being delivered, and a new excuse is offered each time.

Prospective customers are cautioned to look elsewhere until the above noted problems are explained and corrected.

(address correct to 1997)

Audio "78" Archival Supplies, Mr. Dick Markel
P.O. Box 187
San Anselmo, CA 94979

TEL: (415) 457-7878
FAX: (415) 457-2536


Supplier of a wide variety of record sleeves for 7", 10" and 12" discs, as well as other collectibles. They also have mailer boxes and protective filler pads. A complete catalog shows everything, and they will send samples of specific items if you are having difficulty determining what you want.

One VERY important point... with a few exceptions, shipping is included in their prices!

BAGS Unlimited
7 Canal Street
Rochester, N.Y. 14608-1910

Toll Free: 1-800-767-BAGS (2247)
TEL: (716) 436-9006
FAX: (716) 328-8526


Web site:


This company supplies a variety of Thorens turntables including...

Thorens TD520 Semi-Automatic Turntable - US $1450
33, 45, 78 rpm +/- 6%, belt drive, electronic speed selection, stroboscope, auto-shutoff, frictionless magnetic anti-skating tonearm.

Thorens TD521 Semi-Automatic Turntable - US $1100
Same as the TD520 without tonearm.

Thorens TD180 Semi-Automatic Turntable - US $400
33, 45, 78 rpm, belt drive, synchronous motor, auto shutoff, TP-20 tonearm, Stanton 500 cartridge.

84-03 Cuthbert Rd.
Kew Gardens, NY 11415

TEL: (718) 441-0895


Archive Turntable Series:
All are customized Technics SL1200 direct-drive turntables. All provide continuously variable speed from 15 to 120 rpm, with fixed settings at 33 and 45. All include premounted SME-type tone arm, cartridge shell, base, integrated digital speed readout to 0.1 RPM; Models 12 & 14 come with acrylic dust cover. Prices listed are for 115V 60Hz; units also available for 115/230V 50/60Hz.

Model 12 (for playing up to 12" disks) US $1150
Model 14 (for playing up to 14" disks) US $1250
Model 20 (for playing up to 20" disks) US $1850
Headshell Set US $50
Digital Speed Readout (fits any turntable or cylinder player) US $200
Additional Sensor Kit for Speed Readout US $60

Turntables are built to order, with delivery quoted at time of order. Typical delivery time is 4-6 weeks. Turntables require a US $600 deposit at time of order, with the balance due before delivery. Massachussetts residents add sales tax. Prices include ground shipment within continental USA.

Diapason Turntables
81 Mineral Street
Reading, MA 01867


TEL: (781) 944-8002
FAX: (781) 944-8077

ESOTERIC SOUND, Mr. Mike Stosich

Osiris Semi-Automatic Turntable - US $122.00
33, 45, 71.29, 76.59, 78, and 80 rpm +/- 7%. Belt drive, brushless DC-servo motor, sapphire platter thrust bearing, 3-point mounting. Static-balanced tonearm.

V-3 Manual Turntable - US $475.00
33, 45, 71.29, 76.59, 78, and 80 rpm +/- 8%. Direct drive, brushless DC motor, solenoid platter brake, XLR lamp outlet. Tone arm, min. tracking force 1.25 grams, cue lever.

V-2 Manual Turntable - US $375.00
33, 45, 71.29, 76.59, 78, and 80 rpm +/- 10%. Direct drive, brushless DC motor, solenoid platter brake, XLR lamp outlet. Tone arm, min. tracking force 1.5 grams, cue lever.

Isis Manual Turntable - US $420.00
Like the V-2 but with continuously variable speed control 60-130 rpm, vertical/lateral switch.

Vintage Semi-Automatic Turntable - US $265.00
33, 45, 71.29, 76.59, 78, and 80 rpm +/- 8%. Belt drive, DC motor. P-mount cartridge.

RA-6 Semi-Automatic Turntable - US $200.00
33, 45, 71.29, 76.59, 78, and 80 rpm +/- 7%. Belt drive, DC motor, cue lever, auto return. Phono cartridge, min. tracking force 2 grams, stylus for LP and 78.

Esoteric Sound
4813 Wallbank Ave.
Downers Grove, IL 60515

TEL: (708) 960-9137


Dual Golden-1 Semi-Automatic Turntable - US $1195
33, 45, 78 rpm. Floating chassis, vibration-damped aluminum platter with anti-resonance mat, quartz-controlled motor, viscous-damped cuing control. Gyroscopic gimbal tonearm with detachable headshell, low-mass tracking.

Dual CS-750S Semi-Automatic Turntable - US $750
33, 45, 78 rpm. Belt drive, microprocessor-controlled quartz drive mechanism, aluminum tonearm.

19 West 44th St.
New York, NY 10036

TEL: (212) 840-1976


Manufacturers of high quality stylus replacements, including a diamond re-tipping service for moving coil and magnetic cartridges.

Replacement conical truncated diamonds using clients own stylus in tip sizes from .0011 inches to .0040 inches.
From about US $ 43.00 to $48.00 depending on tip size.

Replacement elliptical truncated diamonds using clients own stylus in tip sizes from .0011 x .0003 inches to .0040 x .0012 inches.
From about US $ 56.00 to $69.00 depending on tip size.

Expert Stylus Company
P.O. Box 3,
Ashtead, Surrey, KT21 2QD

TEL: 01372-276604
FAX: 01372-276147


Far West is a "home" business operated by Marshall "Marsh" Weeks, a retired person who is having more fun with his business than when he worked for a living! He supplies a variety of excellent quality record sleeves in paper and polyethelene at attractive prices. The sleeves are center die-cut and have a dip on one side for easy inserting, and they are available in 7", 10" and 12" versions.

A brief 2 page catalog sheet of his products is available on request.

Far West Record Supply
P.O. Box 3027
San Dimas, California 91773

TEL: (626) 335-5544


KAB offers a line of turntables, cartridges, styli, restoration, preservation and sound enhancement products.

Some of the more important items include...

Souvenir VSP 78 RPM Signal Processor - US $429.00
A combination preamp, selectible turnover/rolloff equalization, noise reduction and rumble filtering for playback of phonograph records, accomodates either vertical or lateral discs. Similar but expanded functions to the Owl 1 Restoration Module.

Stanton 500 Series Cartrige US $44.95
The Stanton 500 series cartridge with a 2.8 mil stylus for 78's, accomodates all the special size styli listed below for playing 78's.

Stanton Special Size Styli US $89.00
Designed to fit the 500 series Stanton cartridge, these are available in a range of sizes from .5 mil through 4.5 mil in truncated elliptical, and from .5 mil through 4 mil in truncated conical, with special sizes of 3.7 mil to 16 mil in conical shape.

78 RPM DiscSweep record brush US $16.95
Soft fine bristles 1/2" long, measure about 1/4" x 4" on the disc surface. One of the best for coarse groove recordings. (78's and transcriptions).

A catalog of KAB products is available on request.

KAB Electro - Acoustics
P.O. Box 2922
Plainfield, NJ 07062

TEL: (908) 754-1479


Web site:


Offers a range of turntables, cartridges, styli, headshells, stylus force gauges, record cleaners and other items. A catalog is available.

Lyle Cartridges
115 South Corona Avenue
Valley Stream, New York 11582

Toll Free: 1 (800) 221-0906
TEL: (516) 599-1112
FAX: (516) 599-2027


Packburn Audio Noise Suppressor Model 323A US$ 2,650.00
Contains three processors for reduction (dynamic filtering) of steady-state noise and "de-clicking" of transient noises, plus special features for optimum reproduction of old records, lateral and vertical.

Packburn Electronics Inc.
P.O. Box 335
Dewitt, NY 13214-0335

TEL: (315) 472-5644


VPI TNT Series 2 Turntable - US $3500
Continuously variable speed. Belt drive, tonearm, fixed cartridge mount.

77 Cliffwood Ave., #3B
Cliffwood, NJ 07721

TEL: (732) 946-8606

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